Titolo del blog: Well, here's my first blog for our new website
Data di pubblicazione: 03 Novembre 2011
Autore: Flea

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Well, here's my first blog for our new website

Well, here's my first blog for our new website. I have decided to use punctuation and capitals. No more internet jargon or lame abbreviations. No more psuedo poetic garbage from me! It took a while to get this website up, but here you have it. The inspiration for the look of the website came from the great artist Josef Albers work with color science. I know that none of it looks anything like Albers, but he was an inspiration nonetheless.

We have begun our world tour in earnest, and it has been amazing for us. The crowds have been phenomenal and I feel our new version of the Red Hot's getting better all the time, I believe that we are locking into something that can unleash the power of the GODZZZ. We have had some transcendant shows, and it feels like we are getting better everyday. I really love my bandmates alot, and feel so grateful to be doing what we are doing. The feeling of hope and potential for the future of our band is a vibrant and colorful one indeed. I just wanna rock with the boys day in and day out, I haven't felt so inspired about the Red Hot Chili Peppers in quite some time, it feels like a new beginning and our energy is focused like a mofo.

I am deciding whether or not I should curse or not in the course of this blogging. My day to day language is full of foul mouthed base communications, but in the interest of promoting a higher level of speech I will refrain from profanity. Wait......let me try it....fuck fuck shit shit fuck fuck fuck shit, ahhh no that didnt sound good, no more profanity and that's it. We have a short break from tour right now, I am on a little

holiday and staring out to a beautiful river in the lovely town or Cork, Ireland right now. This town is beautiful, I truly love Ireland.

That's it for now.

Sending love to one and all (even mean people),

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Bene, questo è il mio primo blog per il nostro nuovo sito

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