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Data di pubblicazione: 06 Dicembre 2011
Autore: Flea

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Orange door yellow brown rug spiral staircase


Sitting here in my hotel room in Munich. It is a really funny hotel room, weird orange, yellow and brown colors in the rug and walls. A spiral staircase that goes up to the bedroom. Kind of a funny surrealish spinal tap moment me sitting here listening to bad music coming out of the television, too lazy to get my boom box out of its case and put on something decent. wait hold on, i gotta turn this garbage off its doing something bad to my soul.

aaaahhhh this silence is so much better.

So we were home for a week and then headed back to Europe for another couple of weeks before the christmas break. While we were home, the day before we left, we made a video for our song 'Look Around'. It was such a fun experience, truly liberating and wild feeling for me, I have high hopes for the thing, haven't seen the footage yet though.

I am just in the final pages of the book 'Anna Karenina' by Leo Tolstoy, it has been a long read that was a little arduous at times, adjusting my brain to the long passages written about a time that is hard to wrap my head around. But, I never gave up! And the final few chapters are truly riveting, tragic and sad and beautiful. As Joe Strummer said, "It's a sad and beautiful world". I'm not sure what I will read next, probably Jerry West's biography.'

Speaking of books, I heard that there is a movie just made of 'Midnight's Children', the book by Salman Rushdie. That is very exciting to me, I love the writing of Salman Rushdie. Also, someone just gave me a copy of a movie made of the book 'The Master and Margarita' by the transcendantly good writer Mikail Bulgakov. Can't wait to se it!!!!!!! It is 11 hours long i think! 11 hours of greatness I am psyched! It could be a terribly made film and I will still love it, the book is that amazing. But, I hear it is a well made movie.

God, I love sports. It seems for many people, sports and art are mutually exclusive things, which is hard for me to understand. I love seeing people reach for things, really yearn to take themselves to a higher level. It really seems the same to me, athletics, arts, academics.....I just dont really differentiate between the things, it all feels like human exression to me and totally the same. But, my point is that I am a televised sports fanatic. It is the only thing I watch on t.v. Basketball season is about to start, and as many of you probanly know already, I am an over the top unabashed freaky Laker fan. With great anticipation I await to dig in to the sumtuous feast that is the NBA season. When it clicks, and a team really plays together, it is a beautiful thing to behold.

I've never been bored a moment in my life. I've been delirious, I've been miserable, but I have never been bored, there's just too much stuff going on. I've also been ecstatically happy!

The other night when we arrived in Berlin, I took a walk and stumbled upon the holocaust memorial there. Man it was a heavy experience. It is made of thousands of concrete slabs, I think it is one for every Jew from Berline that was killed (not positive about that, it's what I was told). When you look at it from the street, it seems as though each concrete slab, which are rectangle or square shaped, are about 2 or 3 feet tall. But as you walk into it, the ground sinks down and you are surrounded by these monoliths that are like ten fet tall. Each one representing a tragic death. It really had a powerful effect on me. God bless those poor souls. Sending my love to them. It was late at night and I walked into the depth of the thing and really got lost in it. It is hard to comprehend that kind of cruelty, genocide. Man. It unbelievable what human beings are capable of. I read a while ago about the genocide that took place in Rawanda of the Tutsi people. It happened in the early nineties. A really great book called "We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families' by Phillip Gourevitch. That is a heavy book, but also really uplifting and inspiring. To hear of people who suffered the worst tortures that you can imagine, and yet retain their humanity, their love, it is amazing how great people can be in the face of the most malicious kind of evil. I highly reccomend that book. While I'm still on the subject of books, here's another one I reccomend, I was thinking about it today during our travel to Munich, about how much it inspired me and changed my life. My sister turned me on to it, it is about Haiti and an super cool guy who goes there to help out named Paul Farmer, and it is called 'Mountains Beyond Mountains' written by Tracy Kidder. It blew me away, and because of it I ended up in Haiti a few years after I read it. I really loved my trip to Haiti. Actually my trip was with some great guys who have an organization called 4real and you can look it up and see a film of the trip if you are interested.

Well it's 2:54 am and I'm gonna get into something else now.

Really, this tour is going so well, I'm so happy with the way we are playing, and more than that, overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you who come to our shows and rock out and really listen. You give me faith.
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