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Titolo del blog: Hall of Faaaaaammmme
Data di pubblicazione: 07 Dicembre 2011
Autore: Flea

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Hall of Faaaaaammmme

We are getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.I am not usually one to get to excited about awards or accolades, but about this one I am very excited indeed.

Our band is really riding a high right now. We are out on the road, playing some of best shows we have ever done. We are establishing a new language with Josh and there is a feeling of hope and potential in what we are doing that is really inspiring to us. Each time we step out on the stage it feels so creative and vibrant, we are really having a blast playing the shows and it fills my days with meaning. I feel an infinite energy from what we are doing and looking forward to taking this togetherness we are forging out on tour, and getting in the studio and making new music. Feels like we are growing like a new born baby, and that is best feeling that I can have ever have in our band.

So hearing this news about the hall of fame now really seems like it has extra significance for me. To be recognized this way seems especially full and profound. It makes me think about Hillel Slovak, without whom we would have never existed, and who created with us the foundation of our sound. He directly influences everything we have ever done. What he did with us in our early years is the blueprint of what we are. This would have meant a lot to him, and I love him so much. And of course, the mighty Jack Irons, our other founding member, who fortunately, is here to enjoy this moment with us.

It also makes me think of something I think of everyday anyways. Of John Frusciante, the virtuoso musician and songwriter who gave so much to our band. Without him, we would not be going to the hall of fame. He wrote countless great things with us, played an infinite amount of stunning things, and taught us how to be a great band. He helped lift us to a much higher level, he is the greatest. We connected deeply for many years, and he left our band with many gifts.

I am truly grateful for this honor. To our fans, who have supported us for all these years, given us purpose, and wildly energized us night after night, thank you.
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Hall of Faaaaaammmme

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