Titolo del blog: It's been a long time since i've written into the ether...
Data di pubblicazione: 03 Novembre 2011
Autore: Anthony

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It's been a long time since i've written into the ether...

it's been a long time since i've written into the ether so please feel free to let me know who you are. it all started a couple of years ago when the need to reconsider the brotherhood of the sacred red heart chili peppers led us to the livelihood that is josh klinghoffer. we plugged into amps and tuned into each other for 12 months of jamming, song writing, snacking, parking lot baseball and big sur bike riding. in a nut shell that's how we came to be a band. it was a grateful time and to create without expectation from the wandering spotlight is a beautiful thing. we found our songs and recorded them. i kind of knew what to expect from chad and flea but discovering the dedicated flow of josh's musical conviction in the studio was a wild ride. the whole experience was a microcosm of life where every conflict leads to an opportunity and every triumph is followed by a challenge. i'm already back in line to take that ride again. one more time, i feel like we've only just begun. then, we hit the road running. a 3 club california tour of the unannounced variety was first up. we executed with vicious joy. flea picked big sur as show one, josh picked nevada city as show two and i pleaded for west hollywood's the troubadour for show number three. chad killed it at all of them and the rock show baptismal was a cherry smashing blast. off to hong kong to test the arena waters. listening to josh play that first arena show in hong kong was like lucid dreaming. i realized we were becoming what the spirit of this band had always wanted us to be. my hat is off to all of the people who attended that show. no pun intended. before heading up to japan for summer sonic fun, flea, clara balzary (our on tour photographer) and i took a ferry ride through hong kong harbor to a little residential island. we walked, got sweaty and bought tin cups to commemorate our day....after a few more sopping wet days of sweltering mid summer japanese heat, a notion came to play. a friend of mine had been mixing it up with the crowds of the summer sonic festivals and taking photos of the their fascinating faces. the energy and appearance of these fans made me want to know more about them. who they are, where they come from and what their relationship to the music of our band is all about. so now my friend, david mushegain is traveling town to town with us while we tour the world to meet, photograph and interview our fans. we'll call them 'redheads' to pay bizarre homage to the fans of the grateful dead aka 'deadheads'. links will be set up from our various sites if anyone is particularly interested in participating in the making of this book...since japan we have been around the world playing a wild ass variety of shows from the silliest of television programs to the most soulful of exchanges with south american audiences. shows played in germany, sweden, denmark, holland and france were uplifting all day and all night. thank you people for the endowment of ecstasy. i feel like our evolution as a group has hit exponential strides and has found it's way into a rhythm of happiness that, as a band, is rare. i am so grateful for the current creative nature of this moving saturnalia. it's got me jonesing to reclaim the stage and our next show in ireland awaits. let there be love.
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