Titolo del blog: A little tin whistle
Data di pubblicazione: 05 Novembre 2011
Autore: Flea

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A little tin whistle

Last night was such a fun show in Dublin. Truly, Ireland has been an amazing place for us to pay through the years. There is something about the soul of the place that really touches me. An intangible thing, can't describe it, but it blows me away. I think the greatest crowd I ever witnessed was when we played Belfast in '91. It was the most explosive feeling I ever got from an audience they were just on fire. Anthony begs to differ with me, he say the audience we had in Buenos Aires a couple of months ago was just as intense, but I don't know. I guess it really is a matter of how you pecieve it at the time, sometimes the most still audience can be listening the deepest and it is a whole other kind of intensity. But man, sometimes you can walk out on stage and they really blast your face off! I hope no other countries feel like I am diminishing their connection with us, there are certain times and spaces when a magic thing happens that is impossible to control. That time in Belfast there was just a feeling in the air. It was a time of a ot of trouble there, tanks rolling down the empty streets and guys walking around in groups of four holding maching guns scared to death. There was a lot of tension in the air. Also, the Rollins bnd opened up the show and really stirred up some emotions, it was just a wild night.

I purchased a tim whiste the other day in Dublin. I like to sit in my room and play it and try to eek out some melancholy tunes. Gets me in touch with my Itrish heritage. On my father's side, his grandfather came to Australia from Ireland and his grandmother came from Hungary. My mothers side is all from England as far as I know. I was born in Australia, left there when I was 4, movied to the suburbs of New York when I was 11, then came to L.A. when I was 11. I just consider myself from L.A. I really love Los Angeles, people have such a weird impression of it around the world. It is really a soulful place. People just think about the film industry and the shalowness and power hungry weirdos and psycophants that are invoved in it. There is also an impression of Beverly HIlls and the weird shallowness of thoughtless wealth that is there. The truth is all that shit is but a fraction of what L.A. is. It is such a multicultural place, so many ethnicities, and cultures, and art and music and cool little working class communities. Such a great proximity to the mountains, the ocean, and the desert. Anyways, I'm not patriotic at all. I love the United States, I live there and there is so much beauty and freedom, but I dont care about it any more than I do about Botswana or Timbuktu if you know what I'm saying. I just love the divine energy that flows through all of us and everything, and as far as I can tell, the ratio of cool thoughtful people to selfish assholes is pretty similar everywhere I go, it crosses all ethnic, cultural, and economic boundaries.

I am addicted to the episodic television program 'Friday NIght LIghts'. It really isnt that great, but there are parts of it that are great and I just cant stop watching it. I'll be hapy when I am done with it. Well., I;m gonna go hit the steets of Dublin a little bit and see what I can find.
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