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Data di pubblicazione: 11 Novembre 2011
Autore: Flea

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This run through Ireland, NOrthern Ireland, and Engladn so far has been fulfilling. Playing the music is always such an emotional thing. There are a lot of different levels of it for me. In one way, I go into a total animalistic single focus on rocking for all I'm worth, giving everything I have to make each song it's deepest most intense groove, to give every ounce of strength and concentration I can channel to every dynamic and emotiona twist and turn of the flow of the music. In another way, I just want to connect with the audience, to feel y'all, to do everything i can to uplift you, to share the magic from the divine source from where this music comes from, to get myself out of the way and let that happen. An in another way, the show, the music, all of it is a sanctuary for me, a safe place away from the chaos and pain and suffering of the world. Man, the whole thing is such a cathartic experience. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

Yeah these shows have been fun. While we were here in London, the launch happened for the basses created by the great artist Damien Hirst and myself. Damien painted each one individually, they are all different and man they are just beautiful and wild!. You can see them at the 'Other Criteria' shop on New Bond Street in London. You can also see pictures of them at Othercriteria.com. They are really amazing pieces of art, and every one of them is signed by Damien and I. Some of them come with additional artwork by Damien, and collaborative artwork by Damien and I. They are Dope! Rope a Dope!!! All of the profit from the sale of these things will go to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, I will not take a penny, and Damien is not even taking back the expenses he incurred making them, he has donated all his time and energy for free. He is a man among men with a heart the size of Leeds. The deluxe editions of the basses also come with individually handpainted cases, and are chockfull of great art surprises. Just sayin.

We had a party for the basses on the night of the launch and Josh and Chad and Mauro and I jammed at it and let our freak flags fly as high as we could. Then Ronnie Wood joined us for a jam, and it was a goooooooood one. That ol' Ronnie Wood is a superb musician, it is always a beautiful thing to play with him.

So I find myself this morning at still at the hotel in London, bout to get it together to go get on a whirlybird and head for the gig in Glasgow tonight. Letyour freak flag fly. Peace and Love to all.
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